"We create a new generation of medical devices"

— Carlos Alcobia, CEO

"We respond to global challenges"

— Pedro Mendes, Sales & Marketing

"Technology is only good if it solves real problems"

— Luís Ferreira, CTO

"We are a solid group with vision"

— Fernando Leite, CEO Controlar Group


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for Physical and
Vestibular Rehabilitation

We are specialists in pressure and force sensor technologies. With this know-how, we create assessment and training applications with visual biofeedback aimed at patients and healthcare professionals. Balance and plantar pressure analysis is crucial in this field.

Medical Robotics
and Telemedicine

We apply our consolidated experience in robotics to perform remote medical procedures for diagnosis, clinical intervention and as an assistive technology. The application of these systems can reduce the geographical barrier between doctor and patient with excellent results in teleconsultation or telediagnosis.


Our culture is marked by innovation from day one. Our participation in national and european consortium projects gives us access to excellent scientific knowledge, with a view to creating and launching new products. The innovation chain is completed when an idea reaches the market.


As a result of the acquired experience and know-how, we have made available specialized technical development. Our portfolio includes technical capacity in the fields of: sensors, robotics, medical device prototyping, support for medical certification and software development.

A Greater Step


Our mission is to design, develop and commercialize technological medical devices for healthcare professionals and patients.


Our vision is to be a global reference in the creation of technological medical devices and make a difference in the user’s lives.

Controlar group

2 major awards "PME líder 2017" and "PME Excelência 2016"
6 companies around the world
Turnover of 30M€
Over 200 employees

Member of the Clusters


Regional Consortium focused on active aging.

Health Cluster Portugal

National cluster of all healthcare related entities.